Infos for Guest artists:

Artist wanted

We are looking for monthly (or longer) guest spots in 2020 in realistic and portrait style. Our buisy shop is in Bünde - northwest border to netherland. You should have min. 5 years experience and a good portfolio

Our Team:

Micha is the owner of the shop and organized everything around your residence here. He he cares for your customers and for advertising. Micha works colour style since ten years.

michas works →

Arthur is our specialist in black and grey realistic style. His main focus is in portraits. Arthur learned in this shop and become his perfection during the last five years.

arthurs works →

Anni is our trainee and drawing queen. She works mandala, dot- & blackwork and sometimes colour.

annis works →


We agree on percent billing. an option would be that we give you all equipment you need, the other option is you bring your machines, needles and colours with you. We organized a airport transfer, a guestroom and everything to have a good time in Bünde. For eating & sleeping you must pay yourselfe. Look after a visa for germany.

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